Getting To Grips With Battle Rope Training

When I was last in New York, I went to a Crossfit Gym where I saw all manner of things that were new to me. The thing that intrigued me the most was battle ropes or battling ropes.  It looked kind of strange and I was intrigued to give it a try.

Battle Ropes (or heavy rope training) originate in sports-specific training drills developed in martial arts and also American Football and have been integrated into most mainstream sports from cricket to basketball. Yet their popularity has spread beyond sports and into gyms and even personal training classes. It’s about back-to-basics training using simple equipment that brings results.


Battle Ropes come in various shapes and sizes and usually weigh anything from 5kg up to about 20kg depending upon whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced. I began with the 10kg and just holding it in my hand I knew it was going to be tougher than I thought. You anchor the rope to a pole or wall and this then provides two even lengths to work with. With a firm grip in both hands I was taken through various training drills. Exercises included spirals, whips, throws, waves… ouch my arms, shoulders, back, stomach and legs were killing me! I could not believe just how many muscles these exercises were hitting! We started doing circuits of just 30 seconds of exercise and then one minute rest. It was torture!

Battle Rope Training encourages upper body endurance, power and strength but it also works (indirectly) the core and legs. The next few days I could really feels muscles aching that had clearly not been worked in this way before. I can see why sports teams use battle ropes. It’s about power and endurance which is required for all sports in short bursts. It places stress on the muscles without any high impact on the joints making it a safe way to train. Most importantly for most casual users is that its a great way of burning fat. You don’t need any fancy equipment and battle ropes can be purchased fairly cheaply. You can wrap one around a tree in your back yard and hey presto, you’re up and running. As you become more proficient you can add new routines, increase your workout time and reduce your rest time. I recommend using battle ropes using interval training techniques with 30 seconds exercise (intense) and then one minute of rest. Trust me you will feel the burn! Has anyone tried it?


4 thoughts on “Getting To Grips With Battle Rope Training

  1. Having tried it, I am now seriously considering buying some for use at home. We have a fairly small city garden but big enough to use the battle ropes. We even have an oak tree which would provide the support for the ropes!

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