Exercise of The Month: Walking Lunges

For years I have had a love hate relationship with lunges. It’s because I find them so tough and kinda unpleasant yet the next day I feel the burn better than almost any other exercise.  The walking lunge is a simple (but nasty) little modification to the static lunge that will work the glutes, hamstrings and quads. You can perform the walking lunge with your hands placed on your hips or out to the side if you feel you need the balance.


With a set distance in front of you, stand up straight and upright, both feet together. Take a controlled step forward with one leg and make sure that you take a decent lunge or stride forward. Lower your hips towards the floor bending both knees to almost 90 degrees. POINTERS: The back knee should come close but never actually touch the ground, whilst the front knee should be directly over the ankle but not in front of your toe. Ensure both of your feet are always pointing forward.  Then push off with your other foot, bringing it forward to a starting position. By continuing this you begin your walking lunge.


The reason I like this exercise so much is I can literally feel the burn as I do it. I try to concentrate on form as when you begin to get tired it can be easy to twist your feet so they are not facing forward and this can lead to injury. If you feel confident enough you can try adding weight through holding a barbell, resistance bar or just a set of hand weights.

The walking lunge is used extensively in all forms of training. You may have seen moms with their strollers performing walking lunges in the park or perhaps at your local crossfit club. Why? Simple..they work.