TRX Suspension Training Class at Virgin Active

So many times when I am exploring new routines I focus specifically on cardio and neglect the toning and strengthening exercises. So when I first heard about TRX Suspension Training I was intrigued to hear that I could tone, sculpt and get a great cardio workout at the same time.

Being quite obsessive I read up all about this exercise. Was it a type of training or a piece of equipment? I wasn’t too sure. Well in fact TRX is a form of suspension training developed by the Navy Seals and then has permeated the fitness clubs. It relies upon harnassing the body as a natural form of resistance but by being suspended allows movements that would be impossible otherwise. Emphasis is on toning and strengthening and it is particularly good for the core. I wanted to do it!

So I research on the Internet how I could take part and I found¬† a class offered by Virgin Active GTC (Group Training Class) in Barbican, London. I did plenty of research first about the different exercises – I didn’t want to be caught out on the day! Knowing that it all orginated with the Navy Seals I knew it would be tough but I was up for the challenge.

When I turned up at the class it was full! A good sign. We were introduced to our trainer Paul who told us all about the benefits of TRX training and how it will improve our balance, flexibility, strength and cardio fitness and that we can choose our own difficulty level..that was good to know!

I have done so many routines of squats and lunges and so I knew that I needed to shake up my routine with something new – and I was excited by giving this a go! I know that the body can get stale with any repetitive routine. I can assure you that my body was in for a shock that day! I was asking so many questions to Paul and I am sure he must of thought I was the strangest client he had ever come across. What I loved about TRX was that in every exercise you could just shift your bodyweight to make the exercise harder or easier – we were taught by Paul about progressing and regressing each exercise and he demonstrated this with each new move.

The first move he had us doing was a plank where we had the put our feet through the straps. This was harder than it looked and laughter all round as many fell flat on their faces, but we all soon got the hang of it. We had to move our legs from side to side whilst holding in our stomachs and wow within a few seconds I could start to feel my abs working.  We continued into many more routines including lunges and tricep work Рis there no muscle this device cannot hit! It seems not.

The acid test for me is always 2 days later and yes, my body was in agony. I know that this was the shock my body needed. I loved TRX and have continued to attend classes since. I have even asked my hubby to buy me my own TRX for Christmas. I am sure I can do it in the home and have seen many folks using it in the park too. I have now progressed to using the TRX rip-trainer which is a great addition to my workouts.