Killer Workouts: Kickboxing For Women

Over the years I have tried many classes from Body Pump to Tai-Bo. One of my favorite activities is without doubt Kickboxing. I’m not talking competitve Muay Thai here just regular Kickbox. Chances are that your local gym will offer these classes just for women and I have done one-to-one kickbox sessions with my personal trainer which has been great fun. So if you’ve never tried kickbixing before, why bother? Well, simply stated, kickboxing gives a workout that delivers both the benefits of cardiovascular exercise plus resistance training in one. You will improve your strength, agility, core, tone and flexibility all in one go.

The first time I did kickboxing I was in the gym and we had hang bags that we had to kick. The skill was to balance firmly on one foot with your whole bodyweight and then generate explosive power in the kicking leg. Easier said than done. Just try repeated kicking for 3 minutes non-stop on one side then switch to the other. Let me tell you, all your muscles will be burning and your heart pumping.

Kickboxing whilst mainly involving kicks also uses combination punches too. You can do kickboxing in classes where you kick or punch the air and you can also do sessions that involve kicking hangbags or even padded strike shields held by your trainer or instructor. The later will give you a much tougher workout. I have to confess that the benefits of fat-burning and fitness play second fiddle to the immense satisfaction I get from inflicting pain on the hangbag or strike shield! What this says about me I don’t know! However, it really releases tension like nothing else I’ve tried – just what you need after a long day.

For women I think the benefits can also extend into the real world with valuable self-defense techniques. You learn how to guage distance, to land punches and kicks and stay on your feet! Don’t just think its for the younger ones either. In the first kickboxing class I attended there were woman there in their 50’s who all seemed to be enjoying themselves. If you have never tried this before then find yourself a local class and give it a try or simply try to work in some kickbox into your regular routine.  They say that 30 minutes of intense kickbox can burn as much as 250 calories so there’s few better ways to burn fat, tone your core and feel great.